A Smart Building [Featured Design Project for the Week]

What comes to your mind when you look at this building?

Is it the architectural aesthetics? What kind of building do you think it is—a mall? Where do you think it is located—overseas?

Regardless of what may come to your mind, one thing is sure — the building commands admiration. And for good reasons too.

But besides the architectural aesthetics and beauty of this building, there’s more to the building that will make you admire it even more.

Let’s get to it.

Few things about this building.

1. It’s a School

The first thing you should know about this building is that it’s a school, an architectural school coming up soon somewhere in Nigeria. That’s right! It’s not a mall, and it’s not located overseas.

2. It Generates its Own Energy

There can never be a power outage in this building because it doesn’t rely on the national power grid to have a constant power supply. The walls of the building are covered with beautiful solar panels to generate electricity. This innovation is so subtle that unless one is told, you will not know you’re looking at solar panels. And the beautiful part is that it is completely safe.

3. It Has a Central Core for Exhibition

Art is all about the exhibition, and architecture is a form of art. Therefore, and architectural school definitely should have a central exhibition point.

4. Stacked Boxes Design

The concept called stacked boxes is a 24th-century form of architecture. and it’s really what one of the things that gave this building its beauty.

5. Equipped with Fire Suppression System

The modern building isn’t complete without proper safety measures in place. This building has been equipped with state of the art fire suppression system and other safety systems.

6. Water Recycling System

The concern for global warming calls for innovation in every sector of society, including construction. One such concern is that of water, its usage, and the option for recycling. This building comes equipped with that.

7. Energy Efficient

This building doesn’t consume energy it doesn’t need. It’s an energy-efficient building, and power consumption has been structurally reduced.

8. A Smart Building

When you think of a smart building, you think of automation of systems like appliances, entertainment, lighting, and even climate. This is such a building with several brilliant technologies that make it a smart building.

I’m sure you must have fallen deeper in love with this building. This building is an example of a sustainable and energy-efficient Architecture. And it was designed by Calebella.

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