What is Your Property Investment Plan for 2021?

The principles of wealth teach us that no matter what we do, whether we are entrepreneurs or traders, employers or employees, artisans or professionals, that we all, regardless of what we do, should be investors.

It has been proven through the ages that investment is one sure way to financial freedom and wealth, and anyone can be an investor in some way or capacity, regardless of what they do.

It is also true that not all investments end up being worthwhile and profitable, and that they all have different degrees of risk attached to them. But there’s one investment vehicle that never ceases to prove its potential to increase the wealth of people, and that is property investment.

If you’re looking for a sure way of investment with minimal risk and many long-term and/or short-term benefits, property investment is the way and answer.

But even within the property investment option, there are several options, types, and plans for different people, depending on your goals and financial power.

The purpose of this article is to get you to think about the question used as the title of this post and to show you some categories of property or real estate investment.

Some categories of property investment to consider:

Land Acquisition
Securing land in an urban area where the value of real estate keeps rising, or in a rural settlement where the property market has the potential of becoming huge in a matter of years. Many real estate companies in Nigeria today have plans that can allow even salary earners to become landowners.

Commercial Properties
Building commercial properties like retail centers or office spaces have a history of selling out before they’re even such building projects are completed, provided it’s located where people are.

Industrial Properties
Warehouse, manufacturing, distribution buildings, and other types of industrial properties, though very location-sensitive, are also very profitable when in the right spot. Many people even convert their existing structures to such buildings, and it becomes a huge money-maker for them.

Residential Properties
Every day, people are moving in and out of cities and this creates a constant need for residential properties. And in this market, there’s a class of people looking for affordable comfort, and another class of people looking for affordable luxury, and yet a small class that only goes for expensive luxury. It takes on different forms, each one having its risk level, capital intensity, and potential.

Which one is right for you?

That’s up to you to decide, putting into consideration your goals and financial power. If you didn’t have a property investment plan before now, I hope you start working towards one today. don’t be left out of the amazing opportunities available in the property markets.

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